Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tips in report customizations:

Tips in report customizations:
1. Setup client info if views are involved, setup organization context if inventory items are involved.
2. Ensure that report builder/designer is in character mode.
3. Ensure constraints are off for stretching, grid is on. , snap to grid is on/off
4. use srw.message frequently
5. Port the rdf in Binary Mode.
6. Set the trace on for the concurrent program to actually see the sql code executed.
7. Bring the query out and changes should be tested in simple SQLs
8. Set the trace on if there are &lexical parameters if you need to check the query that is changing

9. Use srw.message to print the value of lexical parameters after their evaluation
10. Use of Concsub to submit your report concurrent program from UNIX faster.

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