Thursday, December 11, 2008

In R12 what is MO_GLOBAL.INIT

Purpose of mo_global.init :-

It will check if new Multi Org Security Profile is set, to decide if new Security Profile method will be used.
If the new MO security profile is set, then mo_global.init inserts one record, for each Organization in Org Hierarchy, in table mo_glob_org_access_tmp

When & from where is mo_global.init called ?

This package procedure will be called as soon as you login or as soon as you switch responsibility. Just like
FND_GLOBAL.INITIALIZE is called. It is safe to assume that Oracle will invoke MO_GLOBAL.INIT after FND_GLOBAL.INITIALIZE

From SQL*Plus, you can simulate login to a specific responsibility by calling
This will set your responsibility id, user_id etc

This will read the MO profile option values for your responsibility/user, and will initialize the Multi Org Access.

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Sairam Nimmagadda said...

Can i use it in a package,
here i have a table for which a synonym was created.

Right now they have fnd_profile.get('ORG_ID',V_org_id).
When i query the particular table, it is not presenting any data,
when i do a table_all it presents me the data,

So i felt i need to replace fnd_profile.get
to Mo_global.get_current_org_id
Please help,