Monday, December 15, 2008

Overview of PL/SQL Program Units

Overview of PL/SQL Program Units
PL/SQL is a modern, block-structured programming language. It provides several features that make developing powerful database applications very convenient. For example, PL/SQL provides procedural constructs, such as loops and conditional statements, that are not available in standard SQL.

You can directly enter SQL data manipulation language (DML) statements inside PL/SQL blocks, and you can use procedures supplied by Oracle to perform data definition language (DDL) statements.

PL/SQL code runs on the server, so using PL/SQL lets you centralize significant parts of your database applications for increased maintainability and security. It also enables you to achieve a significant reduction of network overhead in client/server applications.

PL/SQL program units include:

Anonymous Blocks
Stored Program Units (Procedures, Functions, and Packages)

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