Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finding the name of a DFF in a seeded Form

The first step in enabling a Descriptive Flex Field (DFF) in a seeded Form is to find out the name of the DFF. Identifying a DFF involves the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Form which contains the DFF which needs to be identified.
2. Click on the DFF and then go to Help>Diagnostics>Examine to open the  ’Examine Field and Variable Values’ window, note down the Block and Field names.
3. In the ‘Examine Field and Variable Values’ window, select  $DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD$ as the Block and enter . as the Field. and are the values obtained in Step#2. Press the TAB key or click on the Value field. The name of the DFF will be displayed in the Value field along with the application under which it is registered.
4. You can now navigate to Application Developer>Flexfield>Descriptive>Register  and execute a query with the DFF name (obtained in Step#3) in the Title field to obtain the complete details of the DFF.

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