Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EBS R12 Period Close Advisor: Receivables

NOTE:734495.1 - How to add 'Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger' Concurrent Program to Receivables Reports Group?
NOTE:737453.1 - Receipts Report: Receipt Register Report Known Issues And Patches
NOTE:1233033.1 - Incomplete Transactions in Subledger Period Close Exception Report (XLAPEXRPT) are Preventing You From Closing AR Period
NOTE:1318577.1 - R12: Comprehensive Listing of Errors and Solutions for Payables Payment Reports
NOTE:1320546.1 - Information Center: Overview of the Transactions Workbench in Oracle Receivables (AR) 11.5 and later
NOTE:1326337.1 - Third Party Balances Report Issue: Report Is Not Picking Up All Transactions
NOTE:1358497.1 - Oracle Receivables Lockbox: Known Issues and Patches
NOTE:1362278.1 - Information Center: Overview of the Receipts Workbench in Oracle Receivables (AR) 11.5 and later
NOTE:1370198.1 - Information Center: Month End Processing in Oracle Receivables (AR)
NOTE:793257.1 - R12: Which Transactions Are Printed On the Unposted Items Report
NOTE:951527.1 - XLATPRPT - Third Party Balances Report Retrieves No Data For Receivables
NOTE:1433375.1 - Information Center: R12 Critical, Rollup and Recommended Patches for Oracle Receivables (AR)
NOTE:335.1 - Period Close Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS)
NOTE:732188.1 - R12.0.6+ : Oracle Receivables Adjustment Data Setup Test
NOTE:1137414.1 - Information Center: Overview of AutoInvoice in Oracle Receivables (AR) 11.5 and later
NOTE:1150295.1 - R12: Third Party Balances Report Is Missing Some Items Even The Setup Has Been Done For Control Accounts
NOTE:1177045.1 - Why Transaction Register Report Does Not Reflect Amount For Revenue Account.
NOTE:749679.1 - AR: What Are The Recommended Patches For AR-GL Posting, Reconciliation and Data Integrity Issues.
NOTE:732193.1 - R12.0.6+ : Oracle Receivables General Setup Test
NOTE:793598.1 - R12: How to Use the Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report for Period Close Activity?
NOTE:1075485.1 - Oracle Receivables Lockbox: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
NOTE:954704.1 - EBS: R12.1 Oracle Financials Recommended Patch Collection (RPC)
NOTE:732201.1 - R12.0.6+ : Oracle Receivables Receipt Data Setup Test
NOTE:732203.1 - R12.0.6+ : Oracle Receivables Transaction Data Setup Test

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