Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EBS R12 Period Close Advisor: Purchasing

EBS R12 Period Close Advisor: Purchasing [ID 1359462.1]
NOTE:1358356.1 - Recommended Patches for Purchase Order and Requisition Processing
NOTE:335.1 - Period Close Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS)
NOTE:1107953.1 - R12 Accrual Balance Mismatch Between Accrual Reconciliation Report and GL - Troubleshooting
NOTE:1113712.1 - R12 FAQ: Accrual Accounting - On Line Accruals and Period End Accruals
NOTE:1117353.1 - R12: Discrepancies with Accrual Reconciliation Report - Troubleshooting
NOTE:1279848.1 - R12: Discrepancies With Period End Accruals - Troubleshooting
NOTE:429105.1 - Impact of R12 Design in Procure To Pay Accounting Flow
NOTE:467584.1 - R11 What Are The Basic Steps Of The Purchasing Receipt Accrual Period-End Process?
NOTE:555547.1 - How To Change The Seeded Default Journal Category from "Receiving" to" Accrual"?
NOTE:558421.1 - How To Diagnose Issues With Create Accounting Process For Procure To Pay Cycle In R12
NOTE:563100.1 - Brief Overview of Receipt Accounting
NOTE:67108.1 - Procurement (Purchasing) Product Documentation
NOTE:732172.1 - R12.0.6+ : Purchasing Purchasing Setup Test
NOTE:873399.1 - R12 Receipt Accrual Period end process - Duplicate accrual reversal entries created
NOTE:961285.1 - R12: Period-End Procedures for Oracle Financials E-Business Suite

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