Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EBS R12 Period Close Advisor: Order Management and Shipping

NOTE:1273931.1 - Information Center: Oracle Order Management
NOTE:751026.1 - FNDWFPR - Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data - OEOH / OEOL Performance issues
NOTE:863454.1 - Detailed Functional Flow of Customer Acceptance feature in Release 12
NOTE:1400757.1 - How to Find E-Business Suite Recommended Patches
NOTE:255045.1 - bde_wf_err.sql - Profile of Workflow Activities in Error
NOTE:1331647.1 - How to run the Period Close Pending Transactions Report in R12
NOTE:262979.1 - Unprocessed Shipping Transactions Troubleshooting Techniques
NOTE:878032.1 - How To Use Concurrent Program "Purge Order Management Workflow"
NOTE:961285.1 - R12: Period-End Procedures for Oracle Financials E-Business Suite
NOTE:290432.1 - How to Create a Debug File in Shipping Execution
NOTE:335.1 - Period Close Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS)
NOTE:398822.1 - Order Management Suite - Some Data Fix Patches and Scripts
NOTE:1069492.1 - Resolving Period Close Pending Transaction R12
NOTE:458665.1 - How To Troubleshoot When Email Notification Responses Are Processed But The Approval Workflow Still Shows In Process
NOTE:1083807.1 - Diagnostic Test Catalog for 12.1.3
NOTE:739401.1 - R12 Diagnostics APPS CHECK Report: OMCHECK.sql OMCHECK.sql

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