Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updating Performance Management Plan End Date

The ability to reopen a PMP after it has been completed is available in R12.1.3, but not in the earlier releases.

Updating Performance Management Plan Appraisals After the Appraisal Task End Date (Doc ID 1207165.1)
Oracle Performance Management provides a new profile option
HR: Update PMP Appraisals
After the Appraisal Period (HR: PER_WPM_APPRAISAL_UPDATE_AFTER_PERIOD.). Using this new profile option, Enterprises can decide if they want their workers to complete PMP Appraisals after the Appraisal Task End Date and before the Plan Period End Date.
This profile option can be set at the Responsibility and User levels.
If the profile is set to Yes:
Then Managers and Workers can update PMP Appraisals after the Appraisal Task End Date.
If the profile option is set to No or is left blank:
Then Managers and Workers cannot update PMP Appraisals after the Appraisal Task End Date.
There is no default value for this profile option.
Note: This profile option applies to PMP Appraisals only.

This profile option is available from R12.1.3.

However, in lower versions there has been the request for the same thing. Since the functionality is not currently available within the lower version applications a datafix was required.

Need To Extend PMP Appraisal Dates Beyond The The Plan Dates (Doc ID 1314529.1)

The following SQL identified the invalid / incorrect data:
SELECT plan_id
FROM per_perf_mgmt_plans
WHERE plan_name like '&PLAN_NAME'; --replace &PLAN_NAME with your plan_name.

SELECT end_date
FROM per_perf_mgmt_plans
WHERE plan_id = &plan_id;

SELECT task_end_date
FROM per_appraisal_periods
WHERE plan_id = &plan_id;

=== Solution /Action Plan ===

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps on a TEST instance first:

1. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended solution.

2. Run the following scripts in a TEST environment first:
i) To update the PLAN Period (IF you need both Plan and Appraisal periods need to be updated, update the plan period first):
UPDATE per_perf_mgmt_plans
SET end_date = '' --example '17-APR-2013'
WHERE plan_id = '';

iii) Use the below DML to update the task end date for Appraisals ONLY:
UPDATE per_appraisal_periods
SET task_end_date = '' --example '17-APR-2013'
WHERE plan_id = ''
AND task_end_Date = ''; -- Example: 10-APR-2013 which is the current task end date

3. Once the scripts complete, confirm that the data is corrected.
You can use the following SQL to confirm:

select * from per_perf_mgmt_plans
where plan_id =''

4. If you are satisfied with the results, issue a commit.

5. Confirm that the data is corrected when viewed in the Oracle Applications by querying the Plan Details :
NAV: HR Professional v4.0 > Performance Management > Performance Management Plan > Query up the plan

6. If you are satisfied that the issue is resolved, migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

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