Wednesday, February 6, 2013

APP-AST-207069: This User ID Has Not Been Set Up As a Sales Force

Accessing the Collection Form Errors - APP-AST-207069: This User ID Has Not Been Set Up As a Sales Force

Attempting to access the Collection form and receive the following error:

APP-AST-207069: This user ID has not been set up as a sales force. Please contact the System Administrator

Steps to Reproduce:
Responsibility:  Receivables Manager
Navigation:  Collections > Collections

The issue is caused by not having defined a Collection Role for the Resource or the USER_ID has not been manually assigned to the employee resource tied to the USER_ID.

Please setup your Collections User correctly using the following steps from , Step #2:

A. To create an account:
Responsibility:  System Administrator
Navigation:  Security > User > Define
Enter a Username and Password

Assign the following responsibilities:
 •System Administrator
 •Application Developer
 •Receivables Manager
 •Collections Agent
 •Collections Forms Administrator
 •CRM Resource Manager
 •Collections HTML Admin
 •Telesales Agent
 •Human Resources Manager
 •CRM Administrator

B. In your HR Responsibility:
 •Setup employee
 •People>Enter & Maintain
 •Enter name, birthday, gender, SSN and Save
 •Note the employee number

C. In System Administrator Responsibility:
 •Security > User > Define
 •Query your Username
 •Enter the Full Name as it appeared in the HR setup screen above

D. Using the CRM Resource Manager Responsibility
 •Menu: Maintain Resource
 •Create a Group  ◦-Name/Start Date (you can use anything)
   Assign Usages  Collections Application

Sales & Telesales Application
Collections Agent
 Telesales Agent

•Import Resource ◦Resource Cat = Employee
 ◦Enter Employee # that was noted previously
 ◦Click search/select employee
 ◦Click create resource

•Default Value window ◦select start date of the resource

•Close the window
 •Select Resources click Save
 •Click Details
 •From the Resource Management Form, enter the Username
 •Click on Roles Tab (Security & Access) ◦Add the following roles:
 ◦Collections Role Type
 ◦Collections Agent Role
 ◦Telesales Role Type
 ◦Telesales Agent Role

•Click on the Group Tab
 •Query Group you created previously
 •Add as an employee to the Group
 •Close the form.


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