Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oracle Work in Process – Discrete Job Interface (WIP Mass Load) Common Errors

The following are some of the general errors we will be getting while running the WIP Mass Load

1. Invalid or missing WIP Accounting Class
ANS): Set a default WIP accounting class in the WIP parameters for the organization.

2. Invalid value for Scheduling Method
ANS): Normally you will get this kind of error when the ALLOW_EXPLOSION is set to No and no value was assigned to SECHDULING_METHOD. Routing based scheduling cannot be done if BOM explosion is not allowed. Please change the scheduling method to manual, and provide start and completion dates, or set the ALLOW_EXPLOSION to Y.

3. System cannot add or change operation because requested department_id does not exist in bom_departments table.
ANS): We will get this kind of error in case we missed to provide department information while adding the operation or the department we have provided is not in the same organization.

4. Invalid resource. Check Bom_Resources table. Resource does not exist in Bom_resources table.
ANS): We will get this kind of error in case the resource you are adding is not in the operation department. You need to make sure that the resource is already attached to the department which is available for the operation.

5. System cannot add resource or material because the requested operation_seq_num does not exist
ANS): You will be getting this error incase if you are trying to enter the resource/component to an operations which is not exists against the discrete job.

6. System cannot add or change material requirement because requested job/operation_seq_num /inventory_item_id_new combo has already existed
ANS): If a particular component is already exists and you are trying to add same component is again using detail interface, you will be getting this error. You should be careful enough, such that you should not add a component with the job, operation_seq_num, and inventory_item_id_new combination if the same is already exists in the discrete job.

7. Cannot read value for profile option RPM_CONC_PROCESS_ID in routine &ROUTINE.
ANS): There are multiple possibilities for getting such errors. Make sure that all the following setups are place a. When updating a job through interface by inserting rows in the table WIP_JOB_DTLS_INTERFACE ensures that there is a corresponding operation_seq_num in WIP_OPERATIONS. When updating the components of the current job, the operation_seq_num should exist for that job in the table WIP_OPERATIONS. b. Please make sure that you have done proper WIP setup c. Check whether the current accounting period is open or not. If not please open the accounting periods where the job dates falls. The navigation for checking the accounting period status is Inventory - Accounting Close Cycle - Inventory Period

8. Exiting with warning! calling mrepgrm_end_program 1
ANS): There are multiple possibilities for getting this type of errors. Make sure that all the following precautions were taken care. a. Please check the profile option INV: Dynamic Precision Option for Quantity on Reports to a valid value at site level. This profile should not have null value. b. If you are releasing the planned order from ASCP, please check whether the default job class is set or not. You can use the following steps for achieving this. ==>Navigate: Adv Supply Chain Planner -> Supply Chain Plan -> Workbench ==>Once the organization is selected, go Tools > Preferences ==>Set a Default Job Class c. Check whether the accounting period is open or not

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Balakrishna Bharathula said...

Thanks for the details all the errors on the WIP mass load. But could you please highlight some points on this below error.

System cannot change/delete the following material requirement because the requested
job/operation/inventory_item_id_old combo does not exist:
job (job_name): 7363147
job id (wip_entity_id): 9486199
operation (operation_seq_num): 500
material requirement item: 308019
item id (inventory_item_id_old): 1477802

Possible causes:
- Routing was changed between collections to planning server and the release.