Monday, February 16, 2015

Interface Trip Stop Functionality

There are typically four interface program get triggered at the time of ship confirm. They are
Interface Trip stop
Packing Slip Report
Bill of Lading
Interface Trip Stop is one of the main interface programs which can be triggered at the time of ship confirm or later as Interface Trip stop - SRS concurrent request.

Interface trip stop has two parts
Order Management Interface (First part)
Inventory Interface (Second part)
Order Management Interface part update the order management tables like OE_ORDER_LINES_All (Update Shipped_Quantity, Shipping_Quantity, Actual_Shipment_Date) and also WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (make Released_status, OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘Y’) table.

The Inv_Interfaced_Flag remains = X (Pending) or N which will changes to Y after execution of second part

The second part i.e. Inventory Interface will be triggered only if the value of OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘Y’ otherwise second part will not be triggered. Even if you try to run this from SRS, these lines will not be picked for processing.

Inventory Interface part move data from MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE to MTL_MATERIAL_TRANACTIONS and MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS is updated with Sales Order Issue transaction. Also data is deleted from MTL_DEMAND, MTL_RESERVATIONS and WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES. Item quantity reduced from MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES and
MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS is updated with accounting information.

Both these parts are executed simultaneously.

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