Thursday, January 10, 2013

Payable Invoice Common Issues

Oracle Few Note ID on Payable Invoices Issues
NOTE:1441364.1 - Payables Invoice Matching Explained
NOTE:433545.1 - How Do The Match Approval Level Option And Invoice Match Option Work?
NOTE:738788.1 - R12: PO Number Disappears From Invoice Workbench Header After Matching
NOTE:428303.1 - How Are Match Basis and PO Line Type Related for Invoice Matching?
NOTE:181736.1 - How to Match an Invoice to One Purchase Order which has Two Lines, One Set to Match to RECEIPT and the Other one Set to Match to PO Option?
NOTE:1350427.1 - APXPMTCH APXRMTCH Invoice Matching PO/Receipt Screen, View PO Button Does Not Work
NOTE:1427975.1 - Is Payables Invoice Hold Applied If 'INVOICING DATE' Is Earlier Than 'RECEIVING DATE'?
NOTE:281505.1 - How does nonrecoverable calculate to IPV
NOTE:1360390.1 - R12: Master GDF Diagnostic to Validate Data Related to Invoices, Payments, Accounting and Suppliers [VIDEO]
NOTE:185867.1 - How does the Create Debit Memo From RTS Functionality Work?
NOTE:1378388.1 - Create Adjusting Documents (APXCADIP) Program Only Creates PPA Invoices When PO# Parameter Is Provided
NOTE:1431612.1 - Common Issues - Invoice Matching

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