Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Card Creation

Time Card Creation

Patcard Creation steps for i2 technologies client

As i2 do not have OTL implemented so all the time cards created will be saved in pa tables only.

Go to responsibility @webtimecards--- Create New Timecard
Select project and other details and enter the time details for the week and submit the time cards , you will get the Time card number once you submitted.

The above information is saves in Pa_expenditures_all table and the lines details are saved in the internediate interface tables once you go to the
PA Super User ---Expenditures---Transaction Import ---Import Transactions
here select 'PRC: Transaction Import' select Transaction source as "Oracle Self Service Time" and Btach Name we need to take from pa_expenditures_all table USER_BATCH_NAME and submit the program.

Once Submitted the records will be inserted into select * from pa_expenditure_items_all table

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