Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AP Standard Expense Report Process (Expense report workflow error)

AP Standard Expense Report Process

Request Approval from APPROVER Error

Failed Activity Request Approval from APPROVER
Activity Type Notice
Error Message 3120: Activity 'APEXP/301347' has no performer.
Error Stack Wf_Engine_Util.Notification_Send(APEXP, 549406, 301347, APEXP:OIE_REQ_EXPENSE_REPORT_APPRVL) Wf_Engine_Util.Notification(APEXP, 549406, 301347, RUN)


For the errors with 'no performer' for 'Request Approval from APPROVER' Activity we should not restart the process, first we need to update the attribute values and then we can restart the process.

Once we open the workflow notification click on 'Activities History' and below we will have "Update Attributes" Button click on that and we will have fields with

Approver ID
Approver Name
Approver Display Name

Update above fields with proper values and Click on Apply Button , it will prompt with message
"Confirmation The workflow-level attribute values have been updated."

Now go to "Monitor Activities History" window and cilck the " Request Approval from APPROVER" Button and Re-start the workflow now the workfow will route to correct person and will be in Active state.

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