Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to compile a single jsp file in Oracle Applications 11i/R12

You can follow below steps to compile a single jsp file (seeded or custom) in Oracle Applications 11i/R12.

1. Copy the jsp file to $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/html (this location translates to $OA_HTML).

Placing the file under $OA_HTML enables end users to access the file using the url http://hostname.domain:port/OA_HTML/[jspfile.jsp]

2. export PATH=$PATH:$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

3. ojspCompile.pl - -compile -s ‘[jspfile.jsp]‘ (no space between the two dashes before compile)

No need to bounce apache server after compiling the file to access the new content.

Below is the command line help for ojspCompile.pl command

command help

syntax: ./ojspCompile.pl COMMAND {ARGS}
–compile update dependency, compile delta
–create rebuild entire dependency file
-delta.out update dependency, list delta to file
-dep.out update dependency, output heirarchy to file

ARGS -s matching condition for JSPs filenames

-p number of parallel compilations
-log to override logfile from ojspCompile.conf You are
recommended to set the log file location
outside of any network file system shared (NFS) area/drive.
-conf to override ojspCompile.conf
–retry retry previously failed compilation attempts
–flush forces recompilation of all parent JSPs
–quiet do not provide an actively running progress meter
–fast instantly fail jsps that are *possibly* invalid

example1: ojspCompile.pl –compile -s ‘jtf%’ -p 20 –retry
example2: ojspCompile.pl –compile -s ‘jtflogin.jsp,jtfavald.jsp’ –flush
example3: ojspCompile.pl –compile –fast –quiet

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