Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Appliocation Menus , Submenus assigned to User

select r.responsibility_name,f.user_menu_name, me.prompt "Main_Prompt",me.description "Main_Desc", metl.prompt "sub_prompt", metl.description "sub_desc" from apps.fnd_user fu, apps.fnd_user_resp_groups urg, apps.fnd_menus_vl f, apps.fnd_responsibility fr, apps.fnd_responsibility_tl r, apps.fnd_menus fm, apps.fnd_menu_entries fme, apps.fnd_menu_entries_tl me, apps.fnd_menus fm2, apps.fnd_menu_entries fme2, apps.fnd_menu_entries_tl metl where 1=1and fr.menu_id=f.menu_id AND fu.user_id = urg.user_id and (urg.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id and urg.responsibility_application_id = fr.application_id) and (fr.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id and fr.application_id = r.application_id) and (fme.menu_id = me.menu_id and fme.entry_sequence = me.entry_sequence) and fr.menu_id = fm.menu_id and fm.menu_id = fme.menu_id and fme.sub_menu_id = fm2.menu_id and fm2.menu_id = fme2.menu_id and (fme2.menu_id = metl.menu_id and fme2.entry_sequence = metl.entry_sequence) and fr.RESPONSIBILITY_ID=XXXXand metl.language='US'and me.language='US'order by urg.description

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Ashok Rimmalapudi said...

Hi Sai Ram,
This is a good information.

I need a script to check whether a form/function has update capabilities, Job Scheduling Capabilities or not.