Monday, August 11, 2014

How to change vacancy number on Employee Person Record - Data Fix

How to change  vacancy number on Employee Person Record - Data Fix

There is no way to get the vacancy number changed or update via application.
Best option here would be to cancel the current hire done and rehire the person against the correct vacancy number.
Since the cancel hire option is available via application, it is suggested to use the same to get the data corrected.

select * from per_all_people_f where employee_number='100124';

select * from per_vacancies
where name in ('IRC18200','IRC10722');

update per_all_assignments_f
set job_id=553,grade_id=76,organization_id=1911,position_id=264233,vacancy_id=18200,
where vacancy_id=10722
and effective_start_date = to_date('28-JUL-2014','DD-MON-YYYY')

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