Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oracle WebCenter Sites Check Patch

Applies to:
Oracle WebCenter Sites - Version 7.6.2 and later

We have installed a patch on WebCenter Sites, how can we validate that the patch has been successfully applied?
There are a few ways to validate:
  1. Check HelloCS (open a browser to http://{host}:{port}/cs/HelloCS), it should report jars as being at the revision stated in the patch Readme.txt
  2. Log into Admin UI, on the lefthand tree applet under the Admin tab use the System Tools -> System Information -> Sites Info to report all jar versions. This should show all jars, and the jars listed in the patch's Readme with their respective build dates / revisions numbers, should match the build dates / revision numbers jars you see here.
  3. There is no simple way to check other steps (e.g. that elements were imported correctly, or that files were copied into the installation directly), except to review the output of having done each of these to be sure there were no errors.

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