Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flow of Order Management

Begin by placing the order in Order Management (OM):
Entered (OM): Order is saved but not booked.
• Booked (OM): Order is booked.
• Scheduled (OM): You can customize the workflow to show the Scheduled statuswhich indicates that the order line has been successfully scheduled by adding acustomized activity after the Schedule activity. This activity will make a process Shipping
14-31order API call to update the status to Scheduled. When the ship line logic starts, theorder line status changes to Awaiting Shipping.
• Awaiting Shipping (OM): Order is booked and scheduled but lines have not beenpicked. This status is also displayed after the line has been ship confirmed but beforethe Order Management interface has been run.
• Picked (OM): Order is booked and lines are picked.
• Open (OM): This status of a delivery on the Additional Line Information formindicates that none of the delivery lines associated with that delivery have beenship confirmed.Navigating to Shipping Execution, the delivery line status flow is:
• Ready to Release (SE): Order line is booked and passed to Shipping Execution. Itis now a delivery line that is eligible for Pick Release.
• Not Ready to Release (SE): A delivery line might be in this status when it is interfacedmanually into Shipping Execution, is not scheduled, and has no reservations. Whenlines are imported automatically from Order Management this status is not used.
• Backordered (SE): The delivery line is pick released but no allocations were createdor partial allocations occurred. As an example, if a delivery line has a quantity of100, and at pick release only 25 are available for allocation, the original delivery linesplits to create a new line (quantity of 75) for the unallocated portion with a status ofBackordered. The quantity on the original delivery line changes to 25 to reflect theallocated portion with a status of Staged/Pick Confirmed.
• Staged/Pick Confirmed (SE): The delivery line is successfully pick released. It occursafter pick confirm to indicate subinventory transfer from source location to staginglocation is complete. Lines remain staged until they are ship confirmed.
• Released to Warehouse (SE): Pick Release has started but not completed. Either noallocations were created or allocations have not been Pick Confirmed.Note: Both Backordered and Staged/Pick Confirmed statusesprovide the ability to perform opportunistic cross-docking forwarehouse organizations with Oracle Warehouse Management(WMS) installed.
• Shipped (SE): This line status indicates that the delivery associated with the deliverylines is ship confirmed.
• Interfaced (SE): If delivery was sourced from Oracle OM: The delivery line isshipped and the OM Interface and Inventory Interface concurrent processeshave completed. If delivery was sourced from an Oracle Application other thanOM: The delivery line is shipped and the Inventory Interface concurrent processhas completed.
• Canceled (SE): This status indicates that the delivery line was cancelled.Navigate back to Order Management and query the order which results in OM pullingupdated Pick Release information from Shipping Execution:
• Picked (OM): Pick release has completed normally (both allocation and pickconfirm). The delivery associated with the delivery line(s) may have also been ShipConfirmed but the Delivery may not be set in transit and the Trip may not be closed.14-32 Oracle Order Management Implementation Manual
• Picked Partial (OM): This status occurs when a delivery line is not allocated the fullquantity during Pick Release and Ship Confirm has not occurred.The delivery line splits during Ship Confirm and the information passes toOrder Management through the Process Order API. The order line splits toreflect the changes that occurred during the Shipping process. As an example, acustomer orders quantity 50. There are 20 on hand in inventory. The delivery linesplits into two delivery lines and therefore represents two order lines in OrderManagement. The order line with quantity 20 has the status of Picked or Shippeddepending on whether or not the delivery line is Ship Confirmed, the Delivery set intransit, and the Trip closed. The second order line with a quantity of 30 has statusof Awaiting Shipping.Shipping Execution passes the status information to Order Management when ShipConfirm is complete:
• Shipped (OM): The delivery associated with the line is Ship Confirmed. TheDelivery status is set to In transit. This status appears at the line level as well as inthe Additional Line Information at the Pick Status field.
• Awaiting Shipping (OM): Awaiting information from shipping. This status willremain until the Order Management interface is run.
• Awaiting Fulfillment (OM): Not all shippable lines in a fulfillment set or aconfiguration are fulfilled. The current line is waiting for other lines in the fulfillmentset or the configuration to be fulfilled. This is a synchronization step within theworkflow process.
• Fulfilled (OM): All lines in a fulfillment set are fulfilled.Fulfillment Sets are defined as a group of order lines that are fulfilled together. Itemsthat are not shippable can be in fulfillment sets with shippable items, and then willnot be fulfilled (and therefore invoiced) until the shippable items are fulfilled. A linecan belong to either a ship set or an arrival set, but can belong to multiple fulfillmentsets.
• Interfaced to Receivables (OM): Order Management has written information tothe Receivables Interface tables. You should run Auto Invoice (from Receivables)to generate the Invoice.
• Partially Interfaced to Receivables (OM): This status is used in a PTO flow andindicates that the particular PTO item is required for revenue.
• Closed (OM): Closed indicates that the line is closed. It does not necessarily indicatethat the line is interfaced to Accounts Receivable (AR) since you must close lineactivity in a no-bill flow.
• Canceled (OM): Indicates that the line is completely canceled. No further processing will occur for this line.

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